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Terms and conditions for catering and party service

Scope of application

These general terms and conditions in the current version apply to the services offered by Ressmann's Residence e.K., such as the delivery of beverages and food, services, personnel services, the rental of party equipment and the mediation of our own services and goods, as well as those of third parties, which the customer has previously ordered from us in person, by mail, telephone, fax or Internet.

Offers and prices

Our offers are subject to change. We reserve the right to change prices and services and assume no responsibility for errors.


Your order should be placed with Ressmann's Residence e.K. at least 5 working days before the delivery date by e-mail, fax, mail or in person. We ask you in your own interest to make inquiries involving the rental of premises, need for service personnel, or extensive and particularly elaborate orders with special requests, as early as possible. Purchase transactions, delivery contracts and other agreements, in particular verbal agreements and assurances of our sales staff, become binding only by a written confirmation. With their order, the purchaser assures that they have read the General Terms and Conditions and agree to them.


Delivery will be made to the delivery address specified by the customer at the agreed delivery time. The delivery is made to the best of our knowledge and in compliance with the relevant legal requirements. With each delivery, time shifts must be reckoned with, which we cannot influence, even with great care. The customer guarantees the receipt of the goods and rental accessories ordered and acknowledges the proper receipt of the goods, rental accessories and services ordered on the copy of the receipt or delivery bill issued by the delivery personnel. Special circumstances concerning the place of delivery, such as construction sites, long distances, stairs over 3 floors, non-functioning elevators, etc., must be communicated by the customer when placing the order, so that we can be prepared for them in terms of time and organization. We reserve the right to charge an additional lump sum for particularly complex circumstances concerning the place of delivery.


The customer pays for the ordered goods and services strictly net at most 8 days after receiving the invoice, unless otherwise agreed.

Loaned goods / loaned accessories / party supplies

The delivery of food and beverages takes place in or on loaned goods, such as warming devices and plates. These will be collected by our driver on the following day by arrangement. The customer places the loaned goods ready for collection at the agreed time. If the loaned goods cannot be picked up by us because the customer cannot be found at the agreed time, we reserve the right to charge for labor hours, mileage and daily rental fees for loaned items. Loaned items that came into contact with beverages and food must be returned roughly pre-cleaned in accordance with hygienic regulations. We reserve the right to charge cleaning costs for loaned items that have not been cleaned. The customer is responsible for our loaned goods from the time they are handed over until they are returned. The return is initially subject to certain conditions. Exact breakage and shortfalls can only be determined after the cleaning process has been completed. Shortfalls and breakage will be charged at the daily rate.

Seasonal variations

The food offered by Ressmann's Residence e.K., such as fruit, is subject to seasonal variations in the market. We reserve the right to replace parts of the order that are subject to these seasonal fluctuations with equivalent goods without price change or prior notice.


Ressmann's Residence e.K. assures that the goods to be delivered are transported carefully and according to regulations. We cannot guarantee that the order will be delivered on time or within a certain time frame. The customer should inspect the goods with due care. Complaints related to recognizable defects or the number and quantity of ordered goods, for example, can only be asserted immediately after delivery and must be noted immediately on the delivery slip. We do not accept any claims for compensation for damage caused by force majeure. The supplier must be notified immediately by telephone in the event of defective or incomplete delivery, so that any missing or incorrectly delivered parts of the order can be supplied subsequently. In the case of verifiable defects, we may, at our discretion, repair the goods or supply a replacement free of charge. A right to a refund or price reduction is not applicable if complaints about defects or shortfalls are only issued later.


A liability of Ressmann's Residence e.K. within the scope of the agreed service, is limited to the value of the goods. After handing over the ordered goods and loaned goods to the customer, the liability for damage and breakage is transferred to the customer.

Data storage / data protection

The personal data of the customer necessary for processing the order will be stored. The customer hereby expressly agrees to this. All personal data will of course be treated confidentially.

Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Ressmann's Residence e.K..

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